The region

Not even a thirty minute drive and you find yourself at 'Lac du Bourget', this is the largest natural lake of France, with neighbouring Aix-les-bains. The scenery is beautiful to take a spin in the car (or go by bike) around this lake. Everywhere you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. In Aix-les-bain you can rent boats, on the southern side is a beach, ideal for swimming.


Direction Chambery you come across lake Aiguebelette, also very ideal for swimming, the water is very clear.


From off the camping you can walk beside the Rhône river. At the reception there are also various routes available, which bring you through beautiful woodlands and fields


Because the camping is situated in the start of the alps, the region is perfect for cyclists, for amateurs as well as the experienced. You just simply choose the mountain route, which fits your need. Routes are available at the reception.


Six kilometers from the camping there is an extrordinary waterfall. It is the trip's worth to go have a look, although it is not possible to go swimming there .


Mont Blanc

A lot of our guests make a visit to the Mont Blanc, the highest white mountain in Europe. The view is just breathtaking, especially on a clear day. If you reserve tickets from before hand, then once you arrive in Chamonix then you can immediately go up, instead of waiting a half hour to an hour.


You can also visit the sea of ice (La mer de Glace, the biggest French glacier), you go by 'the train of Montenvers'. This train has been in service since 1908. It is a wonderful journey.



The closest caves are 'les grottes de la Balme', about 45 minutes from the camping. Here you can view the natural beauty from the water. With the use of great lighting, this trip is made unforgettable. In the high season, tours are also made available in Dutch.

The caves of Choranche are also worth a visit. These caves are situated south of Grenoble. Here you may find 70 million years worth of history of our planet.

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